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Making Shakespeare totally doable.

And fun. Yes, fun.


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Oh heyyy actor!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Sarah Guillot.

You might know me as a Shakespeare coach.

And it’s true, I am… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s what I’m really about:

  • Catching the details in a script that makes your performance insightful and unique. Most actors don’t go deep enough in script analysis, and I love to empower actors with this powerful skill that will make you stand out in auditions.

  • Being truly in your body. These days, most of us are in our heads. Blame social media and auditions on Zoom (and maybe too much focus on psychology and not enough on embodiment).

  • Versatility. Great actors (and hireable actors) need to know how to scale their performances for different styles/tones/genres.

  • Courage. Theatre, and Shakespeare in particular, requires being brave enough to take up space, vocally and physically. This is good for us as actors and as human beings. We need people in the world who are ready to SPEAK UP.

So if you’re ready to get DETAILED, CONNECTED AND CONFIDENT, check out my offerings below.

My Signature Framework

Phase 1: Analysis

Become a detailed actor by learning how to dig deep into the text.

Phase 2: Embodiment

Become a connected actor by learning to use your instrument for a powerful performance.

Phase 3: Freedom

Become a confident actor by learning to be present, flexible, and unique.


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Stop bingeing YouTube videos and get a solid foundation in Shakespeare, fast.

9 Essential lessons (complete with video tutorials and downloadable resources), plus access to me in our fortnightly Q&As. 

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Actors Studio

Hands-down the best value way to work with me. Weekly classes plus small group coaching each month, and a HEAP of bonuses.

This membership only opens a couple of times a year. Register for the waitlist below.


Private Sessions

Shakespeare can be an absolutely joyful experience for an actor, and I’m going to help you experience that. 

If you want to learn to explore and play with text, get into your body, and find those little details that make you stand out, then book a Power Hour with me via the link below.

Got questions? Scroll down for FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from a session?

It really depends on what you need. Typically, we’ll start with a chat so I can get to know your goals, and then I’ll ask to show me whatever you’ve prepared so far. No pressure – it can just be a read through if you’re still in the early stages of prep.

From there, we’ll work through any exercises that will help you master the skills you need to nail your audition. (See the other FAQs about the types of techniques I use.)

Following the session, I’ll email you my notes with any recommended exercises for your homework.

Can you help me with my contemporary monologues as well?

Sure can. About half my students are working towards drama school auditions, and we work on classical and contemporary monologues in these sessions.

How many monologues can I work on during a session?

Generally, I recommend allowing a 60 minute session for each monologue you’re working on. For actors preparing two or more monologues for auditions, it is worthwhile looking at my coaching packages below.

If you are only able to manage one session, I recommend booking a 90 minute session – we can usually cover two monologues in that time.

What type of techniques do you teach?

In short – heaps of different ones!

In the last twenty years, I’ve gathered so many exercises that I love to utilise for different occasions.

While I am a Shakespeare specialist, you might be surprised to hear that my training at university was in contemporary theatre. And not just the usual ‘contemporary’ 20th century playwrights, but those wacky 21st century performance artists and physical theatre companies as well!

The techniques I’ve learned for Shakespeare are perfect for digging into text – any kind of text! I will work with you to make sure you’re mining the text to give it life and high stakes. This usually involves text analysis exercises as well as vocal technique/delivery exercises.

Something I’ve noticed in recent years is that many actors are desperate need of physical exercises to re-engage their bodies. This is partly because so many actors are screen trained and struggle to transition to theatre material, but it is also because we’re now so used to acting for Zoom auditions and self-tapes! I work with actors to gain control and energy through their bodies, and use physical exercises to connect to the text.

Do you teach actors in my country?

I’m based in Australia but I teach actors all over the world. The majority of my students are in the US and UK, and a small portion in Australia and other countries.

Do you offer discounts if I purchase more than one session?

Yep! You can check out the available packages below.

I can't afford coaching. What else do you offer?

If coaching is out of your budget right now, I recommend self-tape feedback! This is a great way to get affordable feedback from me. You can find out about that here.

I'm ready to book. How do I figure out the time conversion?

I’m in Perth, Western Australia, which is GMT+8. When you book, the system will ask you to set your timezone and will convert it for you! Hurray!

Because I work with actors all over the world, I keep my hours quite flexible, so it is usually possible to find a session time that works for your timezone – just don’t leave it too close to your audition in case I’m booked up!

If you can’t see a session time that works for you, please email me at and I’ll see what I can do.